Wednesday, October 6, 2010

opinions needed.. wish lists wanted

Hello everyone,  today I come to you begging for feedback.  My step dad, you remember the handy guy that fixes and builds stuff for me, is looking to build some miniatures for all of you too!  Before he gets started though he would like to get an idea of what miniature enthusiasts such as us would love to see being made and sold.  This is our chance to dream big so please, please comment and let us know what dream project or dollhouse item would you love to see being made.  Would it be a unique type of dollhouse?  A specific type or style of furniture?  How about a hard to find accessory.  Tell us your ideas and remember, no wish is too big to dream! 



  1. okay- I've been thinking about this one and I finally am taking the time to come back and anwser. I think a lot of people are starting to do modern dollhouses and there's not a whole lot of modern mini's out there- so that would be a good one to try out....I also think that "vintage" type kitchens are hard to find- you know- like 1950's looking- with the colorful appliances and the atomic looking accents. I think really custom looking and original witchy and magical furniture would sell because so many people work in that theme...and I think shabby chic pieces are really popular too. If he starts making things I would love to see them- tell him I said good luck and I'm going to keep thinking about this and if I have more ideas I'm going to shoot them your way :)

  2. Thank you so much Kim for coming back to give us your opinion. I think you are right about everything actually. I know I like the shabby chic and the retro look but I don't want him to just go by me! If you have more ideas or hear from anyone than please do let me know. I really appreiciate your feedback.