Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my very own hidaway

Hello again! Posting twice in one day, that can mean only one thing. I am bumbling around the house today without my usual long list of things to accomplish. Actually, I am less bumbling and more laying on the couch. Last night I started feeling pretty sick so today I am 'resting'. Thanks to my laptop I can bring the world to my nest on the couch. As I write I have a cozy quilt wrapped around me, de-fizzing ginger ale beside me, the t.v. in front of me playing an old Michael J. Fox movie called The Frightners, and my husband on call to bring me whatever I might need. His crazy shift work has worked out in my favour today and he is home to nurse me back to health.

One good thing about being stuck on the couch is that I get to visit the online friends I have and get to know some new ones. Some of you may have discovered this blog through blogs of note just as I did. Nat the Fat Rat is as unique as the name. Natalie is one creative girl. Her writing is fantastic too, it gives me something to aspire to. In her post today she writes about she and her family snuggling in to a self made fort. It brought back found memories of my days in the closet. Now I know what you are thinking but I'm referring to my literal closet. Back in the day I would make quite a fort inside my closet, complete with a stack of pillows, a cozy blanket, a good book, a light to read said book by, a few snacks and of course my favorite stuffed bear. I didn't go a whole lot of places without him. He is now so worn that he is regulated to sitting on a shelf in my bedroom. Much more handling and I am afraid he will crumble to pieces. I bet he remembers our hideaway as fondly as I do. There is nothing like a cozy spot to snuggle with your best friend!

Here is to a cozy day to all of us!

Another Contest in blogland

Good morning everyone,

I was wandering aimlessly around blogland this morning and I am so glad I did. I discovered to new blogs to add to my favorites. The first is The Elegant Thrifter at . Stan Williams writes with humor and passion for reusing various thrift finds. He also inspires his readers to see the meaning behind our treasures. The memories and feelings we attach to our objects. I highly encourage a visit to this elegant blogger. If you fall in love with his style afterwards, head on over to my second blog find . Anne, the blogger at Fionna and Twig is having a contest that includes a copy of Stan Williams book The Find. The winner will receive a personalized copy of the book as well as a $25 gift card to Anthropologie! Anne's blog is beautiful in and of itself and is well worth the virtual trip.

Best of luck to everyone who decides to enter.... including me! Have a great day,


Sunday, October 25, 2009


I want to give a warm welcome to my newest follower, Kim from It's a Miniature Life. She has a very pretty blog, makes beautiful vignettes, and has a love for cupcakes. Totally my kind of girl! I recomend checking out her site if you haven't already. You can find her here: Her amazing mini deserts just make my mouth start to water. She has an etsy shop to so I am going to head over there after this and drool some more. :)

It has been a very busy week. My son has had basketball five out of seven days this week. He is on the rep team again this year and enjoying every miniute of it. I have to say, I am too. It makes me proud to watch him enjoy his passion, and he loves the game so much he is like a sponge to his coach. Very cute the way he follows his every instruction and takes each task so seriously. The other great thing is that I get to spend time with the other parents again. We hang out well together, but we are in a rural area so everyone is living in several different towns. It is nice to have an excuse to sit and spend some time with everyone. He and his team had thier first exibition game yesterday and it was very exciting. The didn't win but it was fairly close and they were playing the girls who are in the next level up, so many of them were much bigger than the boys. Nobody walked away feeling bad though and we are all looking forward to a great season. Don't be surprised if you see a few pictures from a snap happy proud mamma in the months to come.

Thanks again to everyone who has stopped by my little spot on the web!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

You gotta love a boy!

Boys are a unique animal. I don't know what everyone else thinks about the nature vs nurture issue but based on personal experience boys and girls just aren't the same. Sure, there is a broad spectrum and everyone fits in a different spot on it. Most boys will battle, struggle to be the king of the hill, and try to be the bravest and strongest and fastest and toughest of all. They will pick up a stick and pretend to shoot with it, and they are proud of their war wounds. ( cuts and scrapes ) My son is no different. There is often a battle set up in his room and there are action figures and army men scattered all around the house. He even set a plastic soldier at the head of our bed, to stand guard and protect us while we sleep! What a thoughtful guy. The even have their own code that starts pretty early on. You don't cry in front of your friends, you take an injury 'like a man', you fight hard in any competition, and farting, burping and good naturedly ribbing each other is just a way of life. As any proud mother of a boy can tell you, messes are inevitable.

My boy is most definitely a Representative of this unique animal and he makes me smile every day. When I'm sad he holds my hand and says " don't worry mom, I'm here, I won't let you cry." When I am sick, he will cover me up with a blanket and offer to get me water. He is funny and silly and messy and it is an extraordinary feat to get him to sit still. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a great weekend everyone,


Monday, October 12, 2009

I've been given an award!

Hello all,

First off I want to give a big thanks to Doreen over at . She has given me a Kreative Bloggers award. How sweet is that? It was such a nice thing to log on to today. The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.

2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3. Link the person who nominated you.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.

5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Lets see, 7 things that no one would really know about me....ok.

1. I am fascinated by human nature

2. I love music.. my favorite gift of all time ( other than my engagement ring ) was my ipod. I have days and days worth of music on it.

3. I have very sensitive ears. I can hear things that lots of other people don't.

4. Thanks to my son I am really starting to like basketball.

5. I did volunteer work in a prison. That was an education!

6. I have lived in many places in north America.

7. I love just about every kind of critter out there with the exception of one thing that I hate so much I don't even like to mention it!

Now it is my turn to nominate some blogs. That will be very easy since there are so many that I love.

1. Kim at Flowers and Art. She was my first follower, and I love her for it.

2. Erin at Toronto Yard Sale Snoop

3. Wendy at The Shabby Nest

4. Mitzi at Vintage Goodness

5. Debbie from The Dollhouse at Pooh Corner

6. Christy at A Lil' Welsh Rarebit
7. The creative lady at Swish and Swanky
Thank you once again Doreen. Have a great night everyone,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

welcome and contest

Good afternoon everyone,

I want to welcome my newest follower, Erin from Toronto Yard Sale Snoop. You can find a link to her blog at the right of this page. She has found some pretty cool things in her wanderings and I am sure she would be fun to wander with. She is also celebrating her 100th post by hosting a giveaway. It is a great idea. She is going to go 'thrifting' for one lucky winner. If you are interested put on your thinking caps and make a wish list of possible treasures. This is perfect for someone who likes collecting just about anything... coloured glass, salt and pepper shakers, tins, pyrex, or whatever else your heart desires. That is within reason of course. I thought it was very sweet of her to personalize her contest this way. So, check out her blog and leave her a comment. You know I did!

The other exciting thing I thought I would mention is my very first attempt at a 'favorite things' swap. Ok, that is probably not all that exciting to most of the rest of the world, but it made me happy to get the name of my swap partner, and to start to put together my package for her. I got on to this exchange through Tip Junkie whose link is at the side of this blog as well if you want to check it out. I will show you all what I decided on for her next month. I don't want to put it up too soon just in case she sees my blog. I don't want to ruin the surprise.
Until next time,

Friday, October 9, 2009

my goings on and a few pictures

Hello again everyone,

It’s been a busy two weeks around here. My son lives for basketball. All sports really but basketball is his absolute favorite. I don’t know where he gets it since both my husband and I are sadly not athletic at all. I tell people we saved our sports prowess and funneled it all into our son. It seems to be true since he is that kind of kid who excels at whatever sports you throw him into. It is basketball season again now so he is back with his Rep team and working hard. I have to say, his sports have been a lot of fun for us too. The house league games are fun because some of the kids can be very amusing. They don’t all take it too seriously so we get a kick out of the kids doing handstands or dancing or pretending to do karate moves and generally not paying attention. The rep games can be really nail biting type exciting. All these boys are very competitive and work really hard to be a good team. Sometimes watching them you forget they are still young kids.

I have been playing around with some miniature pictures. They are fun to do because there are endless possibilities and the results are more immediate. The rocking horse and the sunset are two of my favorites so far. Now I just have to frame them and they will be ready to go. Let me know what you think of them.
Until next time,