Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The dangers of going to the dark side

If the title of this post drew you in, let me explain.  The dark side I am referring to is hair colour.  Now let me take you back a few years to my university days.  I was happily brunette and had, up unto that point, not been a hair dyer. One day though, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try out the life of a blonde.  Why you ask.  Youthful impetuousness I suppose, and although the highlights were pretty I didn't notice any great increase in fun having.  It was pretty much life as usual only blonder.  The problem arose when I was sitting with my boyfriend ( who is now husband ) who turned to me and said "I am so glad you are a natural blonde and not one of those girls who dye their hair!"  Oh no!  Tell me he didn't just say that.  Well, I had just had it done before we met so I had forgotten that he wouldn't have seen me any other way.  I had to break the news to him.  I wasn't going to stay blonde forever after all.  Plus someday there would be roots!  Oh the roots, he is not always the most observant but he might just question those roots.  Bless his heart he took it pretty well and said he loved me no matter what colour my hair was. 

Sweet right?  Well, let me tell you, those pretty words aside he never really got over the hopes that I would return to the blonder me.  Sure he has been the best husband a girl could ask for but deep down he harboured the hopes I would go back to those hair colouring days.  So, a year ago, as a thank you to my sweetheart I embraced the light once again.  Just like last time my hair turned out great.  It was kinda fun to do something different and to wear clothes that never seemed to go with my colouring before.  In the end however, I am a brunette.  I am a proud brunette.  I like my hair just the way God made it, so of course the time came when I had to return to my roots so to speak.  Now this is where the aforementioned dangers come in to the story.  I chose a box of colour that should be close to my natural look and set about returning my hair to its former glory.  Now, did you notice my use of should?  Yeah... its black.  Not a rich dark chocolate, but black!  " ohhh, can I call you Elvira?" asked the love of my life.  He means well people, really he does. 

So now here I sit, bemoaning my choices to all of you and wondering what can be done.  Do I believe my husband when he says it looks fine?  Do I rush to the drug store in desperate search of help? Or do I find a hat and slink back to my hairdresser and hope the lecture on home hair colour is short?  Hmmm?  Any thoughts? 



  1. First of all I see a pretty girl, no matter the hair color! congratulations!
    Then, if you want advice, not color your hair too often. they eventually wear out and lose their natural shine, regardless of color!
    Finally, why bother? if he loves you, does it matter the color?
    rather concerned about that, I hope as late as possible, but one day your hair will become white, and then you will be forced to paint them ... maybe blue? :))
    my advice, if you want to be brown, why not use a color with greenish, and not a single color, homogeneous? here in Italy called "streaks", and are used to give highlights to the hair, in just a shade lighter than the base color ...
    so you can have black base color with light chestnut, or chocolate ..
    stains only small sections of hair, not the whole head!
    so slowly you can lighten your hair, adding streaks over time.
    I hope I have explained well.
    kisses. Caterina

  2. I'm catching up on reading blogs- is your hair still black?? My advice (from experience, since I once turned my hair bright orange- and then green trying to fix it) would be to go to the hairdresser and let them fix it. Of course, maybe it will grow on you and you'll discover you like it. I'm too pale to go black, but I LOVE black hair- always love what we can't have, right?? Thank you so much for the lovely holiday card and pressies you sent to me- you are a wonderful friend. If I can ever get out of this lazy/down slump I'm in I'll send you out a proper thank you card- but since I'm falling behind in most everything I wanted to thank you here too ♥