Monday, November 9, 2009

I made that

Good afternoon, I hope you all are feeling a bit better than I am. I have been trying to kick a bout of bronchitis for the past several days. I have been surfing a bit lately though and I found an " I can make that party" over at Just a Girl. I couldn't resist adding my two latest creations. I have a boatload of scrapbook supplies laying around so I decided to start using them again for some gifts. These two project ideas I got from a book in the library. Basically I just pulled out some co ordinated paper scraps and embellishments and glued them on to a plain wood picture frame and a blank journal. I really like the shabby chic look I got with the address book I created from the notebook. I put alphabet stickers on tabs on the inside and viola! With the picture frame I started with the bird that I cut out from a wallpaper sample. I like the tactile effect from that and the flowers that are also from wallpaper. After making these I want to attempt more. I have more ideas now that I started. Let me know what you all think. Are these something you would like for a gift?

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  1. They are adorable- I would love it if I received this as a gift. I would much rather get a handmade gift- I love the work and love that goes into something someone made. Great job!!