Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm back

Hello everyone, as you can see I am back. My husband I made a break for the Dominican Republic last week and it was fantastic. I am not a winter person and since we didn't get a whole lot of summer here in Ontario my husband took pity on me and took me to where the sun shines hot and bright. Our hotel was in the perfect location. The bottom picture shows the view of the pool and restaurant area from our balcony and if you were too look to the left you would see the ocean! I couldn't have asked for better. The weather was great, the food was really good and the ocean was perfect. We spent hours between the waves, the food, and the beach! We did go on one excursion because we couldn't resist. A few tour guides took us out on a boat to a coral reef where we snorkeled and later swam with nurse sharks and sting rays! It was awesome. All in all I would give our trip a five out of five. The only damper was that I was still sick when we left. In fact if you can believe it I am still sick now, after two rounds of antibiotics. Crazy. Still, if you have be fighting a bug you might as well do it on the beach! I hope you all had a great two weeks. I plan on doing lots of catching up.

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