Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Dollhouse Printables

Good evening everyone,

I have found several web sites that offer free miniature printables that can be used to decorate and fill in your dollhouse. A lot of what you will find are art for the walls, books, magazines, groceries and office type printables. Some sites offer larger item projects such as stoves and furnature, but I find these are not great if you are going for a more realistic look in your house. There are many sites on the web that offer printables so these are just a few to give you a start. I will keep on the lookout for more that I can share. Also, some of the things can be printed out on whatever patterned paper you want to give your items a more personal look. Enjoy looking around and playing with the different ideas.

Kibbygirl A large selection of printables such as groceries and a great tutorial on how to make curtains out of paper Another site with a large selection of items you can print for free. He has quite a bit to choose from with a bit of emphasis on decor. There are also several scales available. This is an all purpose site that has quite a bit of information on dollhouse miniatures. There is a section of printables that are organized by types. There are also projects of other kinds for you to make as well as links to other miniature sites. Butterfly Dreams: there are lots of types of printables here including wallpaper and flooring designs. This site has a few interesting printables including a garden shed, some items to go with it, and a cute travel trunk.

This has a few printable paintings and pictures. Some of these are not to scale but some of it could work for a dollhouse. Here you will find some textiles, flooring, brick and wallpaper to print. This site has some unique things such as a fridge and stove. Here you will mostly find posters and pictures but there are a few other things too. This site is in french but it is easy to navigate, and there are some cool things to print out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

unique places to find items for your dollhouse

Hi everyone,

Since I haven't gotten any of my pictures up I thought I would share some of my ideas for places to find miniatures or items to make miniatures. Outside of the obvious places such as dollhouse web sites and stores there are all sorts of frugal places to hunt for great finds. I love going through thrift stores and garage sales. Sometimes you will find actual dollhouse miniatures, but you can also find things in the toy sections that would work. Those types of places are also wonderful for getting supplies to make your own things cheap. Buttons, Beads, fabrics, wood, and all sorts of other things you will find useful. Get creative and you never know what great things you can come up with! One more thing you may find at garage sales and thrift stores are collectibles in miniature sizes. They may not have been specifically made for a dollhouse but sometimes they work. Magazines are a fun way to find pictures for you dollhouse. Small pictures can be framed or you might want to use them as posters in one of your rooms. There are so many types of magazines out there that you should be able to find something that suits your tastes. One last fun place you can check for decorating your dollhouse is in wallpaper sample books. Often times paint and wallpaper places are happy to give away their old books and you might be surprised how many cool things you can find in them. I have found items that I can use as pictures, as well as tiny print wallpapers that can be used on the walls! I have also found some small check print papers that work well as floor tiles.

That is about all I have for tonight but in the weeks to come I will be posting pictures and instructions for some of the projects that I have made. Keep checking back because I will add things as often as I can. Take care all,


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hello everyone

Welcome to the first eddition of the frugal dollhouse addict. As the name suggests I love dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. I am thrifty by nature and I enjoying finding new and interesting ways of creating miniatures and outfitting my dollhouse. Check back here often to see my projects and ideas, links to other peoples great finds and ideas, as well as some of my favorite sites and stores. If you enjoy dollhouses, crafting, miniatures and getting creative then feel free to explore my blog and pass along any cool tips or projects of your own.

Hopefully in the days to come I will have lots of free projects and ideas for you to try. I look forward to hearing from you all.