Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrifty glass reuse

I love my garden.  We don't often go away in the summer because we really enjoy our home in the warmer months.  There is plenty for my son to do around the neighbourhood and his friends can hang around with us in the pool or playing basketball out front.  The best for me though is the garden.  The previous owners of our house did a wonderful job planning out the garden so I get to spend my time caring for them and enjoying the fruits, or flowers, of my labour.  I also really like to use some cut flowers from the garden to give as gifts when going to other peoples houses.  Giving my flowers away means I need to find something to give them in.  That gives me an excuse to shop the second hand stores for fun things to use as vases.  These glasses caught my eye and I thought "why not"!  Just because it wasn't created to hold flowers doesn't mean it can't.   I also have been trying things like painting soup cans and decorating them to use.  Whatever works! 

Have a great night everyone!


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  1. oh- wow! The flowers from your gardens are gorgeous! I love to put flowers in unusual containers- I think that it makes the arrangements more interesting- those jars are great finds!