Wednesday, November 3, 2010

True Colours Swap results

 This past month I participated in a True Colours swap that was dreamt up by the creative Jessica of Duck Duck Cow.  The idea was to pick your favorite colour and your partner would find items to fill a box of goodness in that shade.  As you can see I choose pink.  I'm such a girl, I know!  What can I say, I have been in a very pink and girly mood these days.  Jessica herself was my partner and wow did she do a great job of finding pink treasures!  I loved the entire thing.  Everything was even wrapped up all pretty in pink paper and brown ribbon.  This is now the third swap I have done and I had a blast.  Picking things that were blue in theme was so much fun and opening my box of pink awesomeness was pure joy!  Really, I even started singing "its the best day ever" from Sponge Bob.  There were so many great things to open I was speechless.  Thanks so much to Jessica for hosting this fun swap and for choosing little ol me for her partner.  Great Job Jessica! 



  1. wow- you really received some fantastic gifts! How fun :)

  2. So glad you liked it! It was really fun searching for pink. I will say that there is a sad shortage of pink is the packaging of chocolate. :)