Friday, November 18, 2011

Easy Peasy Miniature Scarfs

Good morning everyone,  I woke up this morning to a sky that was threatening to douse me in my first flakes of snow.  I have seen a couple of wee flurries but so far nothing too heavy.  I've known its coming of course, but I have hoped for a delay in the inevitable.  Well, one good thing about the snow is that it makes for the perfect time to stay inside were it is warm and cosy and craft!  I don't know about all of you but I have bits of scraps of fabric all over.  Sometimes the pieces are so small I am not really sure why I have saved them at all!  One day I was hemming and hawing about throwing them out all together when I had a great idea to use these bits to make mini scarfs.  These are great for draping over a chair or bed, or for hanging on a wee hook at the front door. 

Simple cut a length that suits you, tie off the ends with a little piece of string or embroidery floss in a matching colour, then fray the ends.  Viola!  A mini scarf ready to hang. These scarfs are more wintery but I have made them with light, floral summery fabrics too.  So many scraps of fabric, so many possibilities.  Have fun!

 Happy Crafting everyone,


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