Friday, October 21, 2011


It is getting cold and stormy around here and my garden is getting ready for winter.  Most of the plants are done for the season but for some reason the raspberries are still going strong.  This is only our second year growing raspberries so I am no expert on them but  it seems strange to me that the same plants are giving us a second batch this season.  Oh well, no complaints here you know!  I already have a nice sized bag of frozen berries we can dip into this winter but we love our fruit around here so I will take as many as I can get.  Since the cold has started and so has the morning frost I decided to bring some of the branches inside.  I discovered completely by accident that the berries continue to bloom after the branch is cut if it is kept in water and sunlight. One of the branches broke during a storm this summer so I decided to put the stalk in water and low and behold the raspberries kept on coming.  So now the branches are in my kitchen and we have been enjoying fresh berries for days.  Not too shabby!

Here's to hanging on to a slice of summer.  Have a great day all,


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  1. wow- that is incredible! I would never have thought that they would continue to ripen! I'm sorry I have not been by in awhile and I still owe you a pay it forward item- it has been an incredibly challenging summer but I'm trying to get back in the groove now. Hope all is well with you!!! Happy Fall :)