Wednesday, September 23, 2009

50 posts and still working away

Good evening, how is everyone tonight? I just realized that this will be my 50th post and I am pretty proud of myself. Its not the biggest milestone but it is fun to see how far I've come and give myself a tiny pat on the back. I have been having a great time blogging and I am so impressed with the all the cool people I've met and the great blogs I've discovered. There are so many beautiful people and beautiful things out there.

I have been stitching away here and there in the evenings, usually when watching tv or a movie. For some reason I can't do just one of those things at a time. It is good that way because I feel as though I am accomplishing something while I am chilling out. The pictures are of some of the things I have either finished or am working on. The finished rugs need to be steamed and reshaped but I think they turned out fairly well. The bed spread I don't love. I've had some trouble with the backing. I do like to stitching and the matching pillows though.
It will soon be time to pick up my son from basketball and then hopefully an hour or two of relaxing and stitching. Fortunately it is not hard to make me happy since that sounds great. Hope you all can kick back and do something you love tonight as well.

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  1. They all look so fabulous! I like to stitch to relax too, except I am still learning and I forget to let my thread straighten out and get knots. Must remember patience and to let the thread straighten out! Congrats on 50 posts----I am so glad I met you through blogging!