Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm just an in between

Growing up I loved the old musical movies and one of my favorites was Andy Hardy finds love. Judy Garland sings about how she is not quite an adult and no longer a kid. "I'm too old for toys but I'm too young for boys. I'm just an in between." I thought of that song again the other night when I was sitting on a folding chair in a tiny church listening to my husband parents performing in their choirs annual Christmas presentation. Tomorrow night my husband I will be sitting in folding chairs in my son's school gym watching his Christmas presentation. A lot of us are in that situation now I suppose. We are caring for our kids and we are caring for our parents, even if that is only emotional. I have witnessed a trend in my neighbourhood of parents moving in with their children. In a lot of ways it is a benefit I think. Everyone in the family has an added measure of support. The grandchildren and grandparents have an opportunity to be closer and more involved with each other. And lets face it .. free babysitting! You've got to love that. When you spend years living away from most of your family you start to recognize the family more and more. My parents are now living with us, in an apartment in the basement. I'm thinking the time my son gets to spend with them is, like the credit card commercials say, priceless.

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