Monday, April 19, 2010

I almost kissed the postlady today!

Ohhh boy did I get some great treats in the mail today!  First there was a tiny package that held my ebay purchase of two wee dollhouse 'glass' hens.  They are the cutest.  I have to get moving on finishing my dollhouse so they can be shown off apropriately.  The other package was much bigger.  Recently I participated in a Secret Garden Swap hosted by Sarah of My So Called Junky Life.  My swap partner sent the most fantastic box of goodies.  I almost cried it was so beautiful!  There were little goodies everywhere along with the most beautiful teapot and cups.  Cream coloured and perfect.  Really, it is exactly what I would have picked out and it is going on the self over my sink with my other cream pieces.  See... perfect!  Then there are the tags, the lace, the fabrics, the glitter, the angel, the soap, the lotion, the paper bird, the ornate key, the earings and the sweetest vintage picture.  Whew,  I can't even tell you how much I love it.  Thank you so much Lee!  If you visit her here and see her style you will see why I was so lucky to have her put my present together.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day,



  1. How funny is that.. right after I say I haven't got it, there it is!