Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The painted house.. so far anyway!

Hello all,  I know it is Tuesday but my brain is still living in the weekend.  Lounging in the back yard, soaking up some sun and admiring all the painting and gardening I accomplished.  That's right, accomplished!  I am one of those 'too many things on the go at once' types.  Somehow I always have ten things on the go and nothing finished.  Well, for now my list is a little bit shorter.  It was bound to happen sometime right?  As you can see the dollhouse received some attention.  The outside of the house I painted a basic antique cream.  I have shutters to put on the windows for a touch of colour.  The roof, believe it or not, is done with scrapbook paper!  I found it wandering the isles of Michaels one day.  It was a kind of unevenly corrugated brown card stock that I thought might just work.  I wasn't completely sure how I was going to make it work when I first saw it but I ended up glueing the paper to the roof and painting it a very dark gray.  The pictures may not do it justice but I think it worked out great.  I am quite happy with the overall effect so far. 

Aside from the dollhouse I finally got around to painting my bathroom.  The people who owned the house before us had painted the walls a bright, urine yellow colour!  I can't even tell you how gross it was.  I considered taking before pictures but then why subject you all to that kind of visual torture.  I'm guessing the original intent was to mask any "mishaps" near the toilet.  Hey if you have boys around you know what I mean!  Still, I figure making the whole room look like pee kind of defeats the purpose.  Now, however the walls are an off white with just a teeny tiny hint of green, so today there is a green and cream theme in there. 
It is so much more soothing and easier on the eyes, which is important in a room don't you think?

So, add to all that some gardening, cleaning out the garage, playing with my son and general house work and it is no wonder it has taken two days to post about it.  Now if only I can keep finishing the things I start I will thrilled with myself.   Oh who am I kidding.... I'm going to go take a nap!

Have a great rest of the day everyone,


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