Sunday, June 7, 2009

mini mall

I was wandering the net again today. Not aimlessly, I was working hard searching for great mini ideas for my loyal readers. See, it was not a selfish use of my time at all! No.. discovering new things and enjoying an awesome hobby is never a waste of time in my book. On this leg of my virtual travels I discovered an online 'mall' devoted to dollhouse miniatures. They ship internationally which, being in Canada, is usually the first thing I check. It can be extremely frustrating to spend time looking through a site only to find out none of the products are available to you! The second thing I checked out was the clearance section. Of course. They had a fair bit to offer and several different sections of bargains to look through. I picked out a few things to add to my mental wish list. I don't know if you can tell from the things I picked that I was a little hungry while surfing! I guess I should go take care of that. Have a great day all,


  1. Hi Staci! I love the little tea set! How cute is that?? Surfing the net is not a waste. Don't you always learn something new? And learning is never bad, therefore surfing the net is educational. At least that's my story, and you know I'm sticking to it. . .

  2. This is just the place I needed!! Thanks for doing the leg work ;)

  3. thanks, I am glad you guys liked it. It is nice to have people to share my discoveries with!