Thursday, June 4, 2009

two sites

Just a quick post tonight, one of my followers, Erica, has a new site so check it out at . The title is also changed to: Miniatures By Erika. The second picture is of one of her dolls. The first picture is something I found tonight that I definately am puttimg on my wish list. I found it at an online miniature retailer called Modern Dollhouse. If you feel like checking it out you can find it here: Thier things are not particularily cheap, but there are some very unique items. Its a cool site to look through even just for ideas and to dream. I may just be dreaming about that cute little rooster egg set tonight!


  1. That set would look lovely in a country kitchen. Soft-boiled eggs in cute rooster holders for breakfast...double yum!

  2. That set is so cute! Thanks for the link- I'm heading over to look around :)