Thursday, January 21, 2010

back to crafting

The boys and I had a great weekend in Niagara Falls. The boys didn't win the basketball tournament but they all have great attitudes so they left feeling they did the best they could and had fun doing it. It is nice to see that none of them get upset with each other if a mistake is made or a play doesn't go well. They all support each other really well. If they lose a game they are disappointed but that is all. It is a great atmosphere for the kids and the adults. We are home now and I have had a chance to get back to some crafting. The pictures are two of the projects I have finished recently. The carpet is a compilation of several patterns I have lying around. None of them are meant for that but I think it works. I especially like the little Fleur De lis on the corners. The sewing basket is something I have wanted to put together for a while. I finally got all the bits and pieces I needed for it. I have more on the go and I will try to take pictures as I go. I know I love to see what everyone else is creating.
Right now it is time to tuck the boy in. He has had a busy day snowboarding with his school. They came back late and he is now sore, stuffy and very tired. Come to think of it, a soft warm bed sounds really good to me too! Night all.

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  1. I love the sewing basket- sooo cute! The rug is gorgeous also! It is so nice when winning is not the only important thing in sports- it sounds like your son is on a great team :)