Friday, July 23, 2010

The good, the bad, the confusing...

Well, first of all I would like to say thanks once again to Eileen and the CSN chain of stores for sponsoring my giveaway.  I thought it was really sweet of her to take notice of my little blog and offer to reward one of my readers.  I really appreciate everyone that checks in here from time to time so this was a fun way to say thank you to all of you.  It came at a good time too since I was feeling a little down about this blog.  You see, I have suffered from depression for awhile now and sometimes I don't feel overly productive.  Sometimes that's just a feeling and sometimes I'm really not getting a whole lot done.  Hearing from all of you and being inspired by your blogs and lives means a lot to me so you can imagine how happy I was to see several new followers join me through this contest.  Now imagine how sad I was when some of them dropped me as soon as I announced the winner of the draw!  Following the blog was not a requirement so I thought they just enjoyed my little spot on the web.  I guess not.  Ah well, truth is I am over it now but it got me thinking about those of you who have listened to me ramble and watched me attempt to create some fun things for the dollhouse. I appreciate each and every one of you! 


P.S. our camera has been taking some crappy pictures lately ( I refuse to think it's me! ) but the picture at the top of the post is one of the ones that sort of came out OK of the prinites I was going to show you.  I have lots to show off though so I will keep working on it!


  1. you know- I have these same thoughts- you're not alone. I think a blog can sometimes make us feel like we have to over achieve so we have something to post. I just want to tell you that I love your blog- I'm always excited when you post and I love to see what you're working on as well as little things that are happening in your life. I love your printies- is that a dictionary? So cute!!! I'm sending you a big hug today Kibbygirl :)

  2. Thanks Kim... that's exactly what I needed!

  3. You know, Kibbygirl, I guess some people are like that. Just sign up for something free. Don't take it personally. I get down too sometimes. I see other people completing these amazing projects and I look at my San Fran that I started in 2007 and is forver going to be "almost" done and I think, what's wrong with me that I can't finish anything? But you know what? It's not a race. My blog is for me to do how I want, just like yours is for you to do however you want. So enjoy it and don't compare yourself to anyone else. Oh, and I enjoy your blog too. I'm just not much of a commentor, but I'm trying to change that becuse I love everyone else's comments so much. :)