Thursday, July 29, 2010

If it makes me happy...

What is it about a new pair of shoes that can make a girl soooo happy?  I can't answer that but I can say that I smile every time I see a cute pair of shoes.  These ones were no exception, plus I actually needed them.  No really, I did!  Honest!   The summer sandals that I normally wore broke so I had to find something else suitable, right?  Ok, so I have flip flops and slides, I no longer had sandals per say.  Definitely not brown, strappy, cute things to parade about town in.  These sweet things I found calling my name at an Aldo outlet in Brampton the other night.  It wasn't love at first sight, but as soon as I tried them on I knew it was a match made in retail paradise.  Normally I wouldn't have gone for the wedge, even though I am not exactly blessed with great height, but the cork is so comfy to walk in I can still use these every day.  Sigh. 

Now that I have gushed about my most recent purchase, has anyone ever heard of freeganism?  I caught a bit of Oprah today while I was folding laundry and it was pretty interesting.  People live off as much free stuff as they can to make a statement about consumerism and to try to limit their own out of control buying.  Hmmm, I do get happy when I come across free stuff, but how far is too far?  Food and everything.  I don't know, but it does make you think about all the 'stuff' we buy.

Aren't my shoes cute!!



  1. Adorable shoes!!!
    Your comment about stuff is appropriate for me right now. I've been cleaning out closets and drawers and I have 5 full trash bags of stuff to give away. And I'm not even done yet! How do we accumulate all this stuff? I'm definitely thinking about every single thing that comes into this house these days.

  2. Those shoes are stinking adorable!!! I kind of want them....errr...were you talking about out of control spending? Okay- I don't need them :) I have never heard of freeganism before- it does sound interesting. I do think that most people have waaaay more than they need- myself included. In the past couple of years I have tried to limit what I buy. Of course, as you can see on my blog, that doesn't apply one little bit to anything mini related :) Have a fab weekend!!!!!!

  3. Freeganism is great but it can go too far in my opinion however we throw away much too much stuff. We need to give the stuff away instead of putting it in the garbage!

    I love your shoes! Did you know that Aldo is a Québec company?

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