Thursday, July 8, 2010

My first ever sponsered giveaway!!

Good afternoon everyone,

A little while back I was contacted by a lovely lady from the CSN chain of stores.  She had come across my blog and liked it, which is sweet in and of itself, but she also suggested we work together to promote my blog and the stores she represents.  Her idea was for me to blog about the CSN stores and they would host a giveaway of a $40 gift card.  Was I interested?  Ah.. yeah!  The first thing I did was check out what they had to offer.  While there is everything from dog beds to dinner ware available, I decided to look into the  dining room sets since I am currently not so thrilled with what is in our kitchen.  We have a huge table in there right now that was left from the previous owners and I would love to change it sometime.  There is a white, round shabby chic style set that I love so I am putting that on my wish list!  Check back with me tomorrow for all the details of the giveaway!

P.S.  You can visit all the CSN stores through the dining room sets link above. 

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