Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've got mail!

Good morning all!  It has been a rainy weekend in my neck of the woods so the boys and I have been treating ourselves to a couple of movies.  Right now there are several out that my son would like to see, and more importantly, can see.  His first choice was the new Karate Kid but when we went to the theatre Friday evening it was sold out.  We decided to try The A-Team instead and my son loved that.  What ten year old boy wouldn't I guess!  We ended up trying the Karate Kid again yesterday afternoon and this time we made sure we were there good and early.  I really liked it.  The boys did too, but after seeing the A-Team,  they felt there was some unnecessary sappiness.  Of course as far as my son is concerned there is no call for romance in any movie!  Not yet anyway.  :)  We all enjoyed it though.  It was well done.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday as well.  I had purchased a few things from a lady in Britain a while ago off of Ebay and was trying to wait patiently for them.  I don't need to wait any longer though.  I love everything I got.  Is it wrong that such little things can make me so happy?   I chose a metal cookie tin whose top opens and is decorated with a regal looking lion.  Very shabby chic.  The egg cups with the eggs and spoons might just be my favorite.  They are just so darned cute.  I am going to try to decorate the crates and maybe vintage them up a bit.  The orchid I couldn't resist.  I love orchids but I just cant seem to take care of them in real life.  At least this way it will always stay beautiful.  Just one of the many benefits of creating a mini world, don't you think?

Have a great afternoon everyone,


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  1. wonderful new minis! I don't think it's wrong that tiny things make you happy---I was more excited when my hubby brought me home 2 dollhouse mini flower arrangements than I have ever been to receive real size ones! Glad to hear you are having a fun summer!!