Saturday, June 19, 2010

welcome to the jungle!

Welcome to the jungle.. or maybe I should say, zoo!  The bearded dragon we got for my son decided to hibernate six months ago.  He just dug a hole for himself in the sand in his cage and fell asleep.  Who knew a desert creature would do that?  Not us anyway, and when we looked it up on the net we discovered they can 'sleep' for up to a year!  Well, for the last half a year I have had this huge terrarium in my living room and one dead to the world lizard.  Last weekend my sister and her husband were here and he made the comment that we should dig the bearded dragon up out of his sand cave and make sure he is still alive.  Wouldn't you know it but two hours later he crawled out on his own.  He is alive and well, and active once more.  My son is thrilled. 

Outside we have a small pond and this year we have had lots of polliwogss.  It is so cute when a bunch of them group together on a rock to sun themselves.  You can see in the picture how some have yet to lose their tail.  We also have several big frogs, fish, a turtle, some crayfish and snails.  Not to mention the king of the castle, in his mind at least, our cat Spook.  Its actually not as many animals as we sometimes have but the boys are working on that. 

Have a great weekend everyone, I am off to go camping for a few days tomorrow!


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  1. love those little poliwogs so much! Have fun camping!