Friday, July 17, 2009

book review

I was browsing around my local library the other day and trying not to spend hours in there since I definately could! I found this book in the crafts section. Its an older book but it was actually really helpful. She has lots of good, frugal ideas as well as the instructions for making things. She suggests using buttons with a picture glued to the middle for a picture frame, or with foil for a mirror, or a paper clock face for a clock. Another tip is to use wide lace for curtains, to line stairs, or even a dust ruffle for a bed. One other thing I thought was cute was to use a paper clip for a towel rack or a tie rack. That would look nice in a bathroom with a more modern look I think.
There was lots more in the book. She has bigger projects to make such as various pieces of furniture, and even kitchen cupboards, and loads of interesting ideas for details. It is worth checking out anyway if your branch has it or can get a hold of it. It seems to be a little difficult to find any books on dollhouses even at chapters so when I find something like this that is actually useful I get very excited! I know, I know.. little things make me happy. Not really a bad way to be though I would say. :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend,


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