Friday, July 31, 2009

the Queen's dollhouse

I was wandering around the web when I found a very drool worthy dollhouse. It was made for the Queen Mary. It has working lights, a water system and two lifts! The clock in the hallway even chimes on the hour. Can you believe it? Oh to be a princess and told to go play in your room. No one would see me for hours at a time. I would want to be decorating the house myself though so hopefully she got to do that instead of just having her 'people' take care of it. I suppose running a country can be time consuming but what a way to unwind. I may not be for everyone, but I say that is a great perk. :)
Keep dreaming, I know I will!

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  1. Hi Staci!
    I love the Queen's dollhouse, too. As I recall she didn't get to participate in making it much. I think they had full time artists working on the house. Maybe a princess is too busy for dollhouse building. :)

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