Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Danone DanActive Review

The sun is starting to fade now and since we have the night free of activities to rush out to I am going to snuggle in with my boy soon so we can practice our couch potato impressions! Before I do I thought I would share a quick bit about a Bzz campaign I signed up for. My husband actually found this site and steered me toward it. When you sign up to be a Bzz Agent you try and review products. The idea is to create word of mouth advertising but they do encourage honest assessments. My first campaign has been with Danone DanActive. I was sent a 'kit' with a free product coupon, $1 off coupons to share and contest cards. My family and I have tried the drinks and our overall impression was positive. They taste great and are a good thing to have on hand when we are constantly on the go. One thing I was disappointed about was the portion size. The bottles are pretty small. Still, with a coupon or if they are on sale I will probably get them again. If you are interested in checking out the Bzz Agent site head here and see what it is all about. If anyone decides to join let me know. There is no bonus for me I am just curious to hear what you all think.

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  1. I love Dan active! It's a great health supplement. I don't think it would be better if the portion was bigger. I's just enough and it works great as a light snack or in the winter to ward off colds and flu, I've used it for a couple of winters and have not been sick!