Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A warm welcome and

I want to start off with a warm welcome to a new follower.  She is the writer of the blog My Reality.  Like many of us she has a love of dollhouses and shares pictures and stories of her many dollhouses.  I like her saying of " I never met a dollhouse I didn't like!".

I would like to welcome Dee.  I couldn't make the link to her site work so Dee if you could update me I would be happy to let my readers learn more about you.

I also wanted to share a picture I found on the site The Fashion Doll.  It is a site for Barbie sized dolls and all the extras that go along with them but todays feature was a modern bedroom that I thought would be so cool for a dollhouse that had a modern theme.  There are so many details that caught my eye including the closet doors, the tea set on the bed and the over all black and white theme of the room.  The whole thing would make for a very fun dollhouse bedroom!

Last but not least I found a home for my wee home.  I have put it on top of a bookself in our bedroom.  This way I can see it all the time!  It is not nearly done but I have been playing around with it lately, so here are some pictures of it so far.



  1. I don't think I have ever seen your dollhouse before- it's really sweet!♥

  2. Thanks Kim.
    I showed some construction pictures but I have finally gotten back to playing around with it again.