Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've been tagged!

Hello all,

First of all I want to welcome, welcome, welcome to 2 new members. First a big hello to Moti from ooak minis. I also want to say hi to Folk artist K. You can find her at DOLLHOUSE Miniatures and HITTY ART by VIRGINIA FOLK ARTIST K ARTHUR and PUNCH NEEDLE in mininature PENNY RUG. I am so glad you both stopped by.

Second, I have been tagged for the first time! Yay me. The challenge is that I am to post the fourth photo from the Fourth file on my computer, tell everyone a bit about it, then pass the challenge on to four other bloggers. The picture I ended up on is one I recently scanned on to my computer of my mother, her brother and her sister when they were kids. It looks to me like my uncle is trying not to smile!
So.. to tag the others:
Moti at ooak minis
Have a great night everyone,

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