Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey everyone.... my son finally got his long held wish of getting a bearded dragon. My husband dug out the aquarium we had been given a couple of years ago and set it up. The two of them read books, watched videos, and did lots of research on these lizards. Me, I figured what's one more creature in my house. :) My husband found Beardy in an add from someone who's dragon had babies. I have to admit he is pretty cute. Apparently they like to be handled too so my son has been enjoying 'cuddling' with his new pet while watching tv. Right now, the sun lamp we have on timer in Beardy's tank has just turned off so he has crawled in to his favorite corner to fall asleep. I wish it were that easy for us. Instead I will just pour myself another cup of coffee and read a good book. Actually that sounds pretty darn good too. Have a great night all,


  1. Wow- he is too cool. Will he outgrow his aquarium and you will have to go bigger? I cannot imagine "cuddling" with a lizard :)

  2. Hi Kim, my husband says he will get to be about 18", so we dont need another aquariam for him, but he will definately get bigger.