Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Frugal Home

I don't know about everyone else out there, including my faithful readers, but I am kind of addicted to frugal living. I like the word frugal. It sounds so much more chic than cheap or thrifty. Mind you there is nothing wrong with being either of those in the right situation. I haven't gone overboard, yet. I don't think so at least. My husband might disagree but fortunately he humours me. Since my little spot in the blogosphere is dedicated not only to dollhouse miniatures but to being frugal I thought I would share some of the things that I have done in my own home.

One of my favorite ideas combines an old spice rack I couldn't use anymore and the bathroom. An odd combination I know but it works. I hung the spice rack up on the wall in the bathroom and use it to store my nail polishes on one rack and my perfumes on the other. This way everything is organized instead of being stuffed into a drawer and I didn't have to throw out a spice rack. Win win, right?

I have used a multi-tiered plant stand from church sale in the bedroom as a place to store my folded sweaters and pants. I use glass spaghetti sauce jars as flower vases. My old plastic medicine bottles serve as containers for seeds I harvest from my garden to reuse next year. My last idea for the day is an old one but a good one. I have all over my walls, framed magazine pictures, wallpaper scraps, and even menus from special restaurants. My son's artwork too of course. Basically if I end up with an object I can't use anymore I rack my brain to think of a new way to use it. Otherwise it winds up in the donation pile or the garbage.

I love getting new and unique ideas to reuse or re purpose things. If anyone out there reading this has some creative thrifty thoughts please pass them on to me. I will use them in a future post. If we put our heads together who knows what we can come up with. :)

Here's to all my thrifty companions out there,



  1. Here, here to living well frugally!

  2. I LOVE to reuse things also. I collect seeds in old medicine pill bottles too- why pay for marigold plants or seeds each year when they are so super easy to start yourself! I also save all the little boxes the paper clips come in at work to use to store my beads. If I think of any new ideas I will be sure to share them with you! Great post!!