Monday, August 31, 2009

newest thrift store finds

My son and I had some time on our hands so I convinced him that taking a trip to our local Re-Store would be a great idea. Just like most boys, shopping is not exactly his favorite pastime so it did take some convincing. I got him out there though and we both had a ball going through all the toys on offer. He kept himself occupied for the entire time I shopped around. That's pretty close to a miracle so I was very thankful. One of the best things we found is a girls rolling suitcase that has a dollhouse inside! The pictures I took aren't great but you can get an idea of what it looks like. The front also has a place that opens up so there is a balcony and front porch area. The jumble of stuff in the front of the first picture is a bunch of the items we discovered inside. The second picture shows some of those things inside the dollhouse including a couple of little people. Now I will have occupants for my dollhouse once it is fit to move into. The best part of it all, and I am sorry if this inspires jealousy in any of you, it cost only $2!! It was actually marked at $4 but it just so happened to be half off all toys day, so I scored big. Isn't it great when a bunch of second hand toys can make you really happy? I think so.
Here's to being easily pleased. :)

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  1. How fun! My thrift store is usually mostly clothes and dishes/vases- I don't find fun stuff very often. We have some antique stores here, but nothing in there is what I would call a bargain :)