Tuesday, August 18, 2009

perfect day

If you asked me to describe my perfect day it would probably look a lot like the one I spent yesterday. First of all, I woke up a bit late, played on the computer and drank some coffee. Then I went out and spent a couple of hours shopping at some of my favorite places, including Michael's, which is a craft store. When I got home, it was such a beautiful, warm afternoon I spent a good bit of time enjoying our new pool which has finally warmed up enough to be comfortable. I love the water and I have really been looking forward to swimming this summer in our own backyard. After my mid afternoon dip, I got out a good book I am in the middle of and read while soaking up some much needed sunshine. It really is like medicine to feel the warmth on your skin. Later on I had a nice dinner with my boys, enjoyed an after dinner coffee with my husband then we finished the night off with good movie I found at the library. Have I mentioned before that I love that place? It is like an archaeological dig full of treasure. So, it was a day of leisure, shopping, swimming, reading, sun and family time. I laid in bed last night thinking the day was pretty close to heaven to me.

I wish you all a perfect day tomorrow.



  1. I wish you another perfect day today!

  2. That sounds like a perfect day for me as well. I wish you many more!