Friday, May 22, 2009


I have been working on ideas and ways that I can be the best blogger I can be, so in the spirit of that and my self proclaimed status as frugalista extrodanaire I am having a contest starting june first. Through out the month of june I will randomly pick a winner from anyone who sends me an email with a coment on my blog. The lucky person will be sent a dollhouse item from my collection. At the beginning of the month I will post a picture of the selection the winner may choose from. Good luck to everyone.

While I was thinking about the contest I also thought it would be fun to host a dollhouse miniature freecycle type of thing. Just like the saying goes.. one persons junk is another persons treasure. Who among us frugal, resourcefull types can resist a good garage sale or thrift shop expedition? Well, why not an online version for anyone who enjoys dollhouse miniatures. The only difference is that this will be where we can share what we aren't using for free. Sound good? I was thinking that whenever someone has something they would like to share, they could send me a picture to post and then that item would be up for grabs. Anyone who would like to be the new owner could claim dibs and just give the person offering it the postage to send it.

By the way, the picture at the top of the post is a room set by oakridge hobbies. It looks like such a cosy, beautiful room that if it was full size I could love spending hours there. The site is a store that has some really cute things, so here is the link:

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