Monday, May 18, 2009

some of my creations

It's a beautiful day here so I have enjoyed being out in the garden. I am not a big fan of the cold so I am thrilled the sun is out and the weather has warmed. I have finally downloaded some pictures of my stitchery so I can finally share them. I am working on two new ones as well. Hopefully they will turn out looking good. When I am done I will show them here, and I will get on making my designs available for you to use. If anyone has some they would like to share, drop me a line and I will put them up as well. I want to make this a great place for freebies we can all use. Anything that can help keep this hobby going as inexpensively as possible has got to be a good thing! In fact if anyone has any requests or ideas for things you would like me to look into, let me know that too.

Well, I hope everyone else is enjoying the day.


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