Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pond update

Good Afternoon, I thought I would update everyone on our pond adventures. We went on a couple of hikes to ponds and caught loads of frogs, tadpoles and pollywog's. Some of them we brought to our nabour who has a much bigger pond, but about 11 frogs have stayed with us! On the last trip out we even managed to find a turtle. Since he is a painted turtle my husband has decided to call him Picasso. He is so proud of himself for even knowing who that is. :) Next on our list is a snake then our little animal family will be complete. A couple of years ago we had a
several baby snakes, and one of them that I named Alice loved to cuddle. Really, its true. She would curl all around my hand and just rest there. I miss her but we had to let them go. We are all loving our little pond though. Its fun to watch the animals and with a small fountain it is so relaxing to sit and listen too. My husband has wanted one for years so now he is in heaven.
As for the real subject of my blog I will be back soon with some cool pictures and projects. See you then,

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  1. Your pond is wonderful! I have some snakes that live in my garden and I love them- even if they sometimes startle me because I did not see them before they moved. :)
    Tadpoles are so very fun to watch!