Monday, May 25, 2009


I don't know about everyone else but I had a crazy weekend. Crazy, but good. My sister in law, the youngest of my husbands family and only girl, got married on saturday. My poor son was, as always, the only kid there but even he had a great time. Part way through the reception he decided he wanted to give a speach. It was short and simple but it had his aunt crying and the rest of the guests cheering. I was such a proud mamma!
The pictures today are of some dollhouse pictures I have collected to eventually serve as art work in some of the rooms. All of these examples came from either magazines or from the sample bits of wallpaper I had. The frames themselves I bought at the dollar store in the scrapbooking section. The bear pictures were placed on pendants that are for jewelry making. The two posters in the last picture I want to use in the living room, or the bedroom and are from a magazine. I just glued them to some cardboard stock paper and added scrapbooking tape to the backs so that they can hang directly on the wall like posters. It is amazing the places you can find decorative bits for your dollhouse. Anywhere there are small pictures there are potential art works for your house. If you start looking at things with an eye for the miniature it will open up many new and exciting sources for inspiration and projects. Its fun to see what you can discover thinking outside the 'mini' box.

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