Friday, May 8, 2009

my newest treasures

Hello everyone,

I am going to make this a quick post today, but I just had to share some pictures of my latest finds. I wrote before about some of the interesting places you can find miniatures or items to create them. I recently went on a thrift shop hunt and came away with quite a few cool finds. I don't normally get this lucky but I found a bag of toy items that had quite a few of these plastic dollhouse furnature peices. They are not the most stylish items but I am going to try to work with them. In fact the pictures kind of look like a miniature garage sale. :) I am going to attempt to use stuffing and fabric on the chairs and couches. Stay tuned to see if I can manage it or if I just make a mess. Either way I will post my results. If it is a dissaster at least you will all know what not to do! Not a bad haul for $2 anyway.
Have a great day,

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