Thursday, May 28, 2009

free I-magazines

A good resource on the web can be found on some miniature magazine websites. Three that I have found offer free copies of their magazines online. You can even download the projects and printables in PDF form. Later today I am off to the library to see if there are any miniature magazines available. I know from past experience that the library can be a great place to find some resource books for dollhouses, or books on stitchery that can be re purposed for your little home. If you are a painter you might find some "minni" projects there as well. My mother, who is an artist is considered getting in to painting in miniature. That would be pretty exciting if my dollhouse has some original 'objects-d-art'! There are plenty of images out there that can be used for art in your dollhouse but having something hand done and one of a kind would definitely add something special.

So, as always I will report back with all my library finds. I am hoping there will be many. The links to the I-mags are following this post as well. Have fun exploring, I know I will.


Dollhouse World

Dollhohouse Miniatures

You can also visit the main site for all three magazines at:

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