Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not too much dollhouse related stuff going on today. My son was out of underwear and we we just about out of food so my day has mostly been a blur of laundry and shopping. It was so nice outside today though, so I did manage to sit out and work a bit on my newest rug. This one is mostly purples and golds. My goal in the next little while is to get up a gallery of my stitched carpets for all of you to see. I have created some of my own designs so I will put those up as well. That way anyone interested in making one of their own can use them. If any of my readers want to submit something they have designed I would be thrilled to post them too. I always enjoy discovering new designs and seeing what other people have done. If you are just starting out and what to try something small this site: has some information on stitching for dollhouses as well as a few pillow patterns you can cross stitch. If you really want to get creative you can pick out any small elements from other cross stitch patterns you have and use that for a cushion, or wall hanging, or whatever. Supplies are pretty affordable, especially if you can find them at a thrift store or dollar store, and you use such a small amount for a pillow that it is not painful to experiment and make mistakes as you figure out what you are doing! So go ahead and have fun, and don't forget to show me what you are creating.


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